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    Tank classicication


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    Tank classicication

    Post by Talzanar on Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:24 pm

    Hello Commanders,

    We here at HQ are needing some intel about how well you and your crews are doing on the front lines!

    So can all members please let us know what tanks you prefer to use in battle so we can start making platoon groups and skirmishes with tanks that people are comfortable with.

    In addition, if you are a player who would not mind farming certain tanks so we can play other compositions then please state so we can work out addition battle plans!

    So what do we need from you? That's a good question so I shall make it short and sweet!

    We need the following information -

    List of Tanks from VI - X ( That you currently own )
    List your best tanks VI - X ( Tanks you prefer to play )
    List of Master'ed tanks & any you aim to get soon!

    Favorite Class - H/M/L/TD/Arty ( This lets us understand what perspective you prefer in battle )

    This information will help us a lot guys and gals so please spend the time when you can and get posting!

    Thank you all for your time.

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    Full tank list

    Post by zeeschuimer on Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:54 am

    Ok let me take the play off then.

    Tier 6 tanks I own:

    Type 64 Light Tank. Don't favour it, but goos scout when necessary.
    AMX 12T Light Tank. Arghhhh. Hopeless tank when alone. Don't favour it.

    Cromwell Medium Tank. Excellent for Skirmishes and Company Battles. My favourite.
    Type 58 Medium Tank.Excellent for Skirmishes and Company Battles. Not my favourite though

    T150 Heavy tank. Excellent for Skirmishes and Company Battles.My choice if I had to drive a heavy tank.
    Hummel SPG. Not favourable in skirmish battles or company battles.
    FV304 SPG. Not favourable in skirmish battles, good in Company battles.
    M44 SPG. Not favourable in skirmish battles, good in Company battles.

    Tanks I still have a full crew for and wich could be in the arsenal on short notice fully upgraded:
    MT25 Light tank
    Sherman Firefly Medium Tank
    KV85 Heavy tank
    Hellcat Tank destroyer
    AMX 13 F3 SPG

    Tanks I danot have a crew for, but where retraining is an option and will be fully upgraded (gimme a week for restoring crew at 100 % with at least 2 skills/ perks)
    My Review on it:
    - Sucks long time or I am just not the right peson behind the gun there clown
    + Is ok, but rather not
    ++ Cool tank, dropped it for practical reasons (crew promoted to higher tier or need for gargage space to better tanks)
    59-16 Light Tank ++
    ARL V39 Tank Destroyer -
    ARL 44 Heavy tank +
    Nashorn Tank Destroyer +
    Jgd. Pz IV Tank Destroyer
    VK3601 Heavy Tank ++
    VK3001 D MediumTank +
    VK2801 Light Tank ++
    AT8 Tank Destroyer +
    Churchill VII Heavy Tank +
    T37 Light Tank ++
    T21 Light Tank
    Jackson Tank Destroyer +
    M4A3E8 Jumbo Medium Tank +
    M6 Heavy Tank +
    SU 100 Tank Destroyer ++
    A43 Medium Tank ++
    T34-85 Medium Tank +
    Chi To Medium Tank

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