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    Tell me about your Tier 6


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    Tell me about your Tier 6

    Post by snowninja93 on Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:49 am

    Hey Guys,

    I'd like you to tell me about your favourite tier 6. Strengths, weaknesses and how you think it's best used. I'm going to use this information to help devise better and better strategies for the betterment of our clan.

    As usual I'll go first, no prizes for guessing my favourite tank though...


    Excellent camo and view range.
    Good penetration, accuracy and DPM.
    Full turret.
    Decent enough top speed to take good positions early.

    no armour (seriously I don't think it counts in the slightest)
    slow reverse so needs to completely turn to retreat
    slow turret traverse (can be slightly improved by rotating entire tank but still pretty bad)

    Play style:
    for me I like to pick a bush, rock or slight dip on a hill to hide as much of my main body as possible. Engaging at maximum possible range to preserve camo and hitting the hardest targets I can pen (in Tier 6 Skirmish this is anything) and only retreating f the enemy starts pushing through. If the team gains the upper hand I use my speed to take up firing positions further and further up clearing sections at a time (DO NOT RUSH).

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