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    Platoon structure or Buddy system?



    Would you prefer a platoon structure or a buddy system

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    Platoon structure or Buddy system?

    Post by zeeschuimer on Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:21 pm

    In a platoon structure players will operate in a platoon with a tank type they excell in.
    There will be a company system, where the overflow of the first company goes to 2nd company etc.
    A Company has 5 platoons. This can be 2 heavy platoons, 1 medium platoon, 1 light platoon, 1 combat support platoon including tank destroyers and/ or artillery.
    An other option can be that one of the heavy platoons will make place for a second medium platoon.
    It all depends on the players we have.

    A buddy system works different. Every player has a buddy operatng the same tank type and they always operate together. The cover eachother and fight side by side. They never leave their buddy alone, whatever the cause may be.

    Both systems have a good and a bad side.
    The platoon system makes a consistent unit of a company with all elements a fieldcommander needs. Downside is that players have less choice in the development of their personal arsenal.

    The buddy system on the other hand makes an agressive group with flexible tank types. All at the field commanders choice. The field commander had as downside he has to choose from the available tanks in the clan. If fx. no one has arty of a certain level, he will miss that in battle.

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