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    Battle preparation


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    Battle preparation

    Post by zeeschuimer on Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:19 pm

    The field commander should prepare his battle:

    1. What tanks do I have at my disposal?  

    Standard tanks in the arsenal is here for the time being, the best solution.  Tank hunters and SPG’s are not convenient at team battles, because they should be left behind, sacrificing attack power. Fanatical players with tank destroyers will not appreciate this, but something’s got to give.
    A tank destroyer is equipped with precision control of the cannon. However, he cannot exploit this on the move! In the future, when company battles are being played, this can be reconsidered.  It should be clear that a player who plays often with the same tank gets used to it, plus his crew gets the necessary skills and  perks.  He will also know all weak and the strong points of his tank.

    2. What is the capacity of my team?  

    A player can fully use his ability if he has a good crew and is well equipped.
    It is recommended  not to let tanks operate in the front line that don’t have the following equipment installed or crew skills available:
    • Sixth Sense
    • Camouflage colors
    • Camouflage net (scout)
    • Binocular Viewer or coated optics (scout)
    • Situational Awareness
    • Relaying (scout)

    Don’t form units with tanks with completely different qualities. Uniting a Black Prince with a IS3 is not an option.  The IS3 must adapt to the Black Prince, because of his speed.  As a result, the IS3 will lose too much of the initiative and will be a primary target.  
    Such strategic blunders will definitely lead to a tactical defeat. This also contributes as well to the preference for a standard tank.

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