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    Assault Strategies


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    Assault Strategies

    Post by zeeschuimer on Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:17 pm

    For a field commander an offensive operation offensive is the hardest and most complex to execute.  He has the disadvantage of receiving the first blow.  Offensive strategies are successful in practice in a 2-to-1 situation.  In this game that is unfortunately almost never the case.  This means that invisibility (at least as long as possible), reconnaissance, surprise and superiority are the key words. If one of these factors is lost during practicing it, the chance of success reduces with the half.

    (In)visibility can be achieved in different ways.  This can be achieved passively and actively. Passive invisibility is achieved by the distance between the opponent and the own unit as big as possible as is necessary in order not to be seen. This can be done by application of material resources (camouflage net and camouflage colours) and crew qualities (camouflage skill).
    Active invisibility can be achieved by optical tools deployed by scouts and optimal use of the landscape and obstacles. Having a mod where minimap circles are shown can be very helpful to achieve active invisibility!

    is essential for every field commander.  This is the image with which the field commander must determine his commitment.  It is therefore not preferred to give a specific route to the scouts.  Your limit him in his movements and he is often right on the March route of the opponent and will be eliminated instantly.
    Give the command to scout a certain sector to light up.  
    That way he will not only be able to move more freely, but also can play a better role in a tactical sense.  
    Don’t  use scouts of a very low tier, since they have a poor basic view range and radio range. If they match up against a tier 8 heavy, this tank has seen the scout long before the scout has been eble to see the enemy. Thus take a scout of the same level as the main force. Make sure he has as many camouflage and sighting options as possible.

    Surprise can be obtained by using the terrain as much as possible, the grounds being cover when on the move.  
    Don’t send tanks unnecessary over open terrain, if you don't want them to be detected to soon. Also don’t send your main force over a path, which you almost certainly can expect the opponent can use that as a main route as well.  In this game, most opponents quite use this method of aping.  
    What is a success today, can be obsolete tomorrow, because the opponent or does the same, or a countermeasure has been figured out.  
    Don’t let groups of tanks drive without at least one of them having sixth sense.  
    How tempting it may be, as long as you're not seen, don’t shoot until you are sure you reached your strategic position (as far as possible)!  Also make sure you have fast units prepared to race back to the cap in case a fast tank of the enemy occupies your cap.

    Superiority is the hardest to achieve, the other team is usually equally strong.  We can reach superiority when the opponent has split his units or his number is halved.  This concerns only numerical superiority.  However, we can also seek physical superiority, wich can be gained by hitting the opponent where his protection is the least.  In other words, their weak sides (side and/or rear) are exposed.  Flanking by your faster units with good guns should therefore always be considered.

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