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    Strategic Deployment


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    Strategic Deployment

    Post by zeeschuimer on Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:57 pm

    Strategic deployment is about the operation as set up by the field commander.  
    The field commander must be wondering if the operation, as he had in mind, still can be performed in case certain capabilities of his unit are degraded on any point.
    He can choose to aspire to a defensive or an offensive strategy. Whatever ambition he pursues, battle base on chance is not convenient.
    That will give the opponent the initiative and gives him the ability to identify the weaknesses and to choose the right time and place to attack.

    There are a number of rules of thumb where in determining any strategy must be taken into account:

    • Gaining ground is necessary as defensive buffer. A fight on the cap is a despetrate battle.  

    • High grounds should always be engaged. High area before low terrain. Each tank has weak top armor and angled armor will be less effective.  

    • Weak or weakened opponents must always be eliminated. A tank destroyer with one life point is still a tank destroyer.

    • Building of the battlefield picture goes before combat operations. When no complete overview of the place of the opponent, he can also stand behind you.

    • Always keep the initiative. When the opponent has the initiative, he determines place of the the battle and mostly the result. So dont wait for him at an obvious place

    The role of the field commander

    The field commander should limit himself at achieving the strategic objective, i.e. hold a helicopter view on the battlefield in order to check how to adapt to developments.
    He determines the strategy as previously discussed, but cannot interfere with the individual players (back seat riding,) who determine the tactics initially by local conditions.
    For this the designated person in the primary sense is the platoon commander and then the player himself.
    Quality of the tactics, are a matter of individual skills and exercise.
    A tactical skilled platoon is able to win the battle, but not usually the game.  
    That is a mostly matter of predefined strategy.
    The individual player should have that goal in mind, even if it costs him his tank or expensive ammunition.  
    When the individual player is not willing or able to bring a sacrifice, he is harming not only the team, but also himself.
    If one loses his tank, but wins the game, he will be compensate for the losses by the far higher bonuses.

    The field commander initially collects data of the players.  
    To do this, he can handle the available players list.
    He must be aware of the individual players, their qualities, their equipment and the available tools, both of the crew and hardware requirements.
    He must also know who operates usually in which peloton.
    Finally, he must know who the platoon commanders are.
    A field commander must also know what the key features of the tanks at its disposal and the impact of skills, expertise and material tools have on his team.
    It is so in the offing that for the proper functioning of the clan not only cosiness (moral ascendancy) also his team or company should be in upper state.
    Losing battles like skirmishes, but company battles and tournaments as well lead to demotivation of the clan members and the willingness to join group activities.

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