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    Welcome to the After Redemtion Gaming Clan!


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    Welcome to the After Redemtion Gaming Clan!

    Post by zeeschuimer on Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:06 pm

    Hi All!

    Welcome to the forum of the After Redemtion Gaming (ARG) clan.
    I am pleased to say that this clan is raised by people with the same mindset.
    Gaming must be fun and with respect to eachother.
    Although the clan is setup by people who play World of Tanks (at least, thats where we know eachother from Very Happy ), We intend to have this clan for many other games where we can cooperate and hopefully steal the show.
    I really hope everybody in our clan will feel being part of a gaming family.
    This means we are from different countries, different background and whatever more we have incommon. Here we are all the same (some a bit more than others, but ok, what the heck).
    My vision on playing war games is actually pretty simple.
    In order to lead a battle one must dare to delegate power. If not, people get frustrated, because they will be without own initiative. That will actually mean the fun of playing will dissappear very fast. And thats exactly what we don't want to be. We want to have fun in our games.
    So where we play together, stand open for suggestions of others and if you disagree, wait for the right moment to tell this and tell it with a  Very Happy
    We should be able, besides playing, to discuss any other matters. However! Politics and Religion lead to nothing, because it is something that happen between the ears. It has never been possible to convince a communist turning to a tea party conservative, nor has it ever been possible to make a protestant catholic (Well...unless she is very good looking, ofcourse)
    So please reduce discussions to that to a minimum.
    That for now and feel free to contact me if ever you think I can be to a help.
    Happy gaming!

    Erik (zeeschuimer)


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    Re: Welcome to the After Redemtion Gaming Clan!

    Post by Talzanar on Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:54 pm

    Well said Erik!

    I am looking forward to seeing ARG growing with each and every one of you at our side, kicking ass and taking names Wink

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